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If you are a crafty person who enjoys making other people happy by creating beautiful things? Do you like sharing how you do this with others? Then an online crafting blog might be perfect for you!

Blogs are like online journals and they can be set up easily in minutes via the use of such free applications like or By choosing an adaptable and colorful template (and this Just Add Sweat Guide from our partner will show you exactly how to do it), a craft blog can be used to display:

· Pictures. Post plenty of clear pictures of the items you make to show others what you can do. You may want to include “before and after” pictures if you are using common household things or re-purposing other items to make your crafts. Use a high quality camera to capture the true beauty of your crafts.

· Descriptions. Explain to your blog readers what they are looking at, what materials were used and where they can get more information about the crafts. Use names for the materials used, colors, sizes and shapes. This helps your readers duplicate the crafts more easily and give search engines more opportunity to send visitors to your site as people may search for the various words you mention.

· How to. It’s always a wonderful idea to include a “How to” for some of your more popular or intricate crafts. This allows others to learn how they can make their own version of the crafts you have on display, for personal enjoyment or gift-giving. If you have a craft that’s uniquely yours, you can even patent it and sell the instructions at a small cost to the reader.

· Materials Needed. Include a list of what materials were used to make the crafts on your blog. That tells the viewer what went into the crafting of each piece, what they will need to make their own and where they can find the materials to do so. Be sure to give a thorough description of each material, amounts needed and measurements.

· Selling crafts. One of the best ways to see a return on your time investment with crafting is to offer certain items for sale on your blog. Why not offer custom made items to others? Holidays and birthdays are great times for others to purchase your crafts. You can sell them directly on the blog or include a link to outside auction sites like or You can also sell patterns, advertising space on your website and more.

Taking the time to do crafting takes a lot of time, patience and talent, but blogging about it will help you take it to the next level by increasing awareness of what you can do. Be sure to do this by creating a blog and letting the rest of the world know!

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