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This is a page that will feature home based business opportunities that we have found.

I am not going to tell you that these are sure fire winners for everyone ... Because everyone is different. And some people will put more into a business than others. So take a look at these opportunities — look at all of them. Look VERY long and hard. See if it is what YOU WANT TO DO!

Here is a home based business that is great for those who can take good photographs. If you look online, almost every page you see has pictures. Pictures of people, pictures of products, pictures of homes for sale in your neighborhood - and on and on ... there are pictures EVERYWHERE. And someone is taking those pictures and getting paid for it. Why shouldn't that be you?????

Our partner John Caroll's constantly updated manual contains years of industry contacts and resources, and will show you step-by-step how to get started in this virtually unknown "services" industry. It's in .PDF format so that you can download it and get started immediately!

As a long time photograher and photography teacher, I really like this idea. Photography is such a wonderful past time, it is really great when you can put your passion to good use. Take a look.

This is another home type business that really makes sense - The Virtual Assistant. I have supported folks who do this for quite a while, and it is a profession - and I use that term intentionally - that fits the online world. People who run businesses often need occasional help, but don't want - or can't yet afford - to hire staff. Temp agencies are one possible solution, but the really great people who can help them really make their busienss sing may not live in the immediate area. But that doesn't mean they can't work. The internet makes it possible to work from anywhere you can go on line. Many women do this, but there are many positions that can use a man's touch also.  See what our partner has to say about it here. Check it out!

We have an article about the Virtual Assistant Business Here.

The most important thing is keep moving. Keep Looking. Whether you are searching for a steady job with benefits or looking to start something for yourself and grow to where you become the employer instead of the employee — the boss instead of the bossed, keep digging, reading, and moving. It's the only way you will win, and you may well win big.

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