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Stay at Home Mom?

Looking for a Great Way to Earn Money at Home?

Or possibly, you have been a woman in the workforce, but have recently left your permanent job. These are great opportunities to stay at home with your children - something you may have always wanted to do (and I think is a very good thing).

This page is for you. Here are some business opportunities, that, in many cases, take advantage of the skills and talents that women develop while in the work force, and would like to continue using rather than let go to waste.

I am not going to tell you that these are sure fire winners for everyone ... because everyone is different. And some people will put more into a business than others. So take a look at these opportunities — look at all of them. Look VERY long and hard. See if any of them fit what YOU WANT TO DO!

And as I mentioned on the home page, it's always best to have several streams of income rather than one. True whether your business is booming, or you are looking to start something up to become less dependent on the uncertainty of the "job" market. So you may find several of these that you can do together to create those multiple income streams. Take a look at these interesting ideas:

First up, Alexandria Brown. I have been watching her business grow since she started out in 2003, and she really today, defines the word SUCCESS! What is really outstanting is that she has been very generous in sharing the details on how she became successful - staring first with a simple newsletter (indeed, she billed herself as, "The Ezine Queen"). If you are starting your own stay at home business, following in her steps can show you a good path to your own well deserved success.

Start with her free report on "Ezine Publishing Profits: 3 Simple Strategies for a List Building, Money Making Ezine."

From there, graduate to her Ezine Publishing Course. You'll be glad you did.

This is another home type business that really makes sense - The Virtual Assistant. In my 30+ years working in the corporate environment, women have been the best at this type of work. Occasionally, men do well at this, but mostly women are the best. I have supported folks who do this for quite a while, and it is a profession - and I use that term intentionally - that fits the online world very well. People who run businesses often need occasional help, but don't want - or can't yet afford - to hire staff. Temp agencies are one possible solution, but the really great people who can help them really make their busienss sing may not live in the immediate area. But that doesn't mean they can't work. The internet makes it possible to work from anywhere you can go on line. Check it out what our partner has to say about it here.

We have an article about the Virtual Assistant Business Here.

And if you enjoy writing yourself, starting up a Review Blog can provide help and information to others, and at the same time, provide you with income - a win/win!  Check out how our partner can help you here.

Do you love to cook? Well, here’s something to think about if you want to make money on the internet. Starting a blog on cooking and recipes is an easy way to get going building an income online. Get real advice on how to do it here.

Learn more about Recipe Blogs in this article from our partner.

Crafting can be a serious addiction and you need an outlet! Why not turn your love of crafts into a business? It’s easy if you get the right advice. Click here and find out how to start a crafts blog that will make you money.

For some background information on Craft Blogging, check out this article from our partner.

Here is another home based business that is great for those who can take good photographs. If you look online, almost every page you see has pictures. Pictures of people, pictures of products, pictures of homes for sale in your neighborhood - and on and on ... there are pictures EVERYWHERE. And someone is taking those pictures and getting paid for it. Why shouldn't that be you?????

Our partner John Caroll's constantly updated manual contains years of industry contacts and resources, and will show you step-by-step how to get started in this virtually unknown "services" industry. It's in .PDF format so that you can download it and get started immediately!

As a long time photograher and photography teacher, I really like this idea. Photography is such a wonderful past time, it is really great when you can put your passion to good use. Take a look.

Also, take a look at another of our sister web sites, There are lots of great articles, several more interesting books, like here, and a blog where you can share ideas with other photographers.

Another new business that is really growing right now in our troubled real estate market is Home Staging. Never heard of it? Not many have, so it can be a great opportunity for you. The basic idea is to make a home more attractive so it is more likely to sell at the price that the seller wants to get. And since today, many homes on the market are empty, "setting the scene" in a home will help prosepctive buyers more easily envision themselves livng in the home, and more likely to buy. And you can get paid for helping the real estate agent sell the house.

My partner Jackie Riley has been in this business for many years, and is sharing her exerience to help others get started - after all, she can't cover the entire world!

Take a look to see how this exciting business might fit your life style.

Like everything else that I recommend, look very carefully at these programs and see how well they fit your goals, your lifestyle, and what you believe.

The most important thing is keep moving. Keep Looking. Whether you are searching for a steady job with benefits or looking to start something for yourself and grow to where you become the employer instead of the employee — the boss instead of the bossed, keep digging, reading, and moving. It's the only way you will win, and you may well win big.

And my friend Rhonda Grice has a great site dedicated to helping people save time and money at home. Family projects and ideas along with how-to information on saving money on groceries, fuel, and other ways to have more money at the end of the month. You'll definitely want to take a look at her site.

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